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Phone Support

Never miss a call again.

Get 100% of your calls answered in Australia while delivering a professional business image.

  • Never miss a call or sale again
  • Specialist Capacity to handle Spikes in Call Volume
  • Your calls answered in Australia - Guaranteed
  • Overflow, campaign help, order taking and more
  • Customised Answering tailored to your business
  • Answer any call volumes you send to us - 24/7/365.
  • Send to you the messages via SMS, pager, email

How it works

  1. sign up

    Contact us to setup the service

  2. number allocation

    You can have one or more local, national or international numbers

  3. build your company profile

    Your personal virtual receptionist will contact you to build a call profile for call handling, tailored to your business requirements.

when your virtual receptionist answers, we can do one of the following:

  1. message

    Caller details and answers to specific questions can be emailed or SMS to you.

  2. transfer

    Calls can be transfered to you or any division of your business.

  3. process

    Orders or bookings can be taken

  4. customised

    We can put together a customised solution to meet your requirements.

Please contact us for pricing on our phone booking service.

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